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How to Conduct a Long-Distance Job Search

How to Conduct a Long-Distance Job SearchHow to Conduct a Long-Distance Job SearchConducting a long-distance job search and attracting the attention of employers outside your home area can be a challenging task. Many employers view local candidates as safer prospects than those who would need to relocate. In addition, working with long distance candidates involves mora scheduling and can complicate the hiring process for the company. Employers also save on relocation costs and interview travel costs by hiring from their local area. Tips for Conducting a Long-Distance Job Search That Works What can you do to improve your chances when competing for out of town jobs? The key is to indicate that you are planning to relocate to that area and that youre flexible - both for interviewing and for starting work if you are hired. Focus Your Job Search Finding jobs to apply for in the new location is the easiest part of long-distance job searching. You can specify a location in the advan ced search options of all the leading job boards and job search engines. You can also utilize local resources like the Chamber of Commerce, and the help wanted ads in the local newspaper. Both typically have online job postings for available local positions. If you need more help, hereshow to find local job listings, andhow to find a job in a new city. If there are employers in the new location youd love to work for, check job listings and apply for open positions directly on the companys website. Explain in Your Cover Letters You can make it clear in your cover letters that youre planning to relocate to the city where the job is located. Mentioning a reason for moving to the area, such as wanting to be nearer to elderly parents or to join a partner, can be an effective strategy. In order to alleviate employer concerns about travel costs, you can state in your cover letters that youll be visiting the area to investigate housing options, and youd be interested in meeting at that time, or during another such trip in the near future. Heres more information onhow to mention relocation in your cover letter. Designate a Specific Location in Your Resume Your resume is another vehicle for conveying your plans to live in the area where a job is being offered. Some job databases allow registrants to designate a desired location. A more powerful strategy is to list the desired location adjacent to your current address on your resume. For example, you might state Moving to Tampa, Florida in June or Desired work location Portland, Oregon. In some cases, you may be able to use a local address, such as a family member or friends house. Keep in mind that the employer may expect you to be available on short notice for an interview. Be Prepared to Interview Youll need to have a plan in place when youre contacted to interview. Figure out how youre going to be able to get to the interview location in a timely manner. That might mean an expensive plane ticket unless y ou can find a last-minute bargain. In addition, youll need to figure out how to take time off from your current job. Depending on the level of the job, the company may or may not offer topay some or all of your travel expenses. Use Your Personal Network If youre networking your way into an organization, you might enlist the support of your internal contacts to convey to decision makers the message that youre relocating to the area. In addition, your personal network is also a good source of advice on making the move when it actually happens. Youll be able to find out about housing, schools, and other factors involved in relocating. Consider Making the Move in Advance Another option is to move to the area where youd like to work before you have an actual job lined up. That may seem a little scary, but its possible with some forethought. For exampling, finding temporary work or taking on some gigs to pay the bills while youre seeking a permanent position is a way to generate i ncome. But, you need to keep in mind all the various expenses involved with a big move before you pack your bags. Be Sure to Consider All Your Expenses Its a good idea to calculate your expenses prior to making your move. In addition to travel expenses for interviews, youll also have all the expenses involved with relocating, and theres the possibility of some down time if youre not moving from one job immediately into the next. Use these free calculators to check out salaries and the cost-of-living in the location where you are interested in relocating.

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Top Nurse Resume Template Guide!

Top Nurse Resume Template Guide Nurse Resume Template - the Conspiracy If youre new to the area of technical writing, then you might not utilize it. These resumes are made by our group of experts, and this vorlage will permit you to prepare that compelling resume that you are interested in which will showcase your abilities and candidature in the very best possible method. Make sure it is perfect to the new job position youre applying for. Finding the perfect status in the health care field can be daunting. What You Should Do About Nurse Resume Template Starting in the Next Three Minutes Even though a work seeker can alter any portion of the format, it is generally a very good idea to be certain it remain consistent and professional. Its not necessary to list all of the job you worked. Your resume is the very first thing the HR of the firm is likely to get when you submit an application for a job. Once your resume is prepared to go, you are going to wish to be sure to rece ive it in front of as many employers as possible. Dont forget that youre currently a certified nurse practitioner. Firstly, youll need to put in your nurse resume the duties youve got experience with and are mentioned in the work description, attempting to match them as close as possible. While nurses arent typically accountable for diagnosis, the health care lieferant may not be present when the change happens, or any time the patient shares the info. Finding jobs as a registered nurse requires a combination of the proper mindset and a particular set of job seeking skills. Youre able to look at nursing resume examples on the internet to observe different ways they are usually formatted. Wherever youre in your nursing career, weve got a resume sample that may help you write or update your nurse resume. When you are searching for a new job, it is critical to compose a great resume to receive your foot in the door. Begin to know the very best nursing resume templates so that y ouve got a help on getting started. Key Pieces of Nurse Resume Template To be able to persuade the employers that youre the best applicants for the job, you want to include what you could do for the position in your resume. If youre going to apply to get a new job, you should update the info. If youve applied before and searching for a new job, its vital that you update your resume lpn. If youve held twelve jobs over the previous thirty decades, it might be far better concentrate on your last few positions. While preparing your resume, you want to continue in mind that its the healthcare professionals which you are likely to address to, so your resume should incorporate content that will answer their particular needs. Personalizing the ready-made document is merely an issue of transsumpting your sales and management experience alongside your accomplishments. Customizing the ausverkauf Manager resume template is just one of the quickest ways for you to create a resume that i s suitable for your objective and matches your abilities and experience to the position you would like. Experience Highlighting your experience has become the most significant part your resume. Youve got different education, experience, and abilities. As its important that you know your relevant experience more and job history than your abilities. Obviously, each job will call for various abilities and experiences, so make certain you read the job description with care and concentrate on the skills listed by the employer. You have to make sure you will submit the latest resume format so that theyll be impressed. Templates might not be distributed or sold. Find out more about Resume Formats. Begin to compose the resume by utilizing a number of the best templates now The Lost Secret of Nurse Resume Template Nursing is an aged professional with a lot of formal affiliations. You dont require a four year college degree to be a thriving technical writer. You can make use of the se resumes also when trying to find a center to perform your internship program. You may use the nursing resume template to compose yours since it consists of a comprehensive curriculum vitae and a cover letter. Hiring managers arent so inspired to write what motivates you to be a nurse or several other stories. When theres one particular fact about the medical business, its that it is dependent on nurses. Writing general duties is a typical mistake because applicants feel that nursing resembles distinct hospitals and departments, but in fact, your duties will differ between different facilities. A nurses job isnt effortless. Nurses are the center of the medical care section. Use the graduate nurse resume thats offered in PDF format to design your physicians resumes. Registered nurses have to be licensed. An effective registered nurse resume will get you noticed and set you in a strong place to secure the nursing job that you desire. All you have to do is go through the v arious resume samples and pick the one which best fits your profile. Today, plenty of resumes are posted online. It is possible to give them your permanent phone number once youre hired. For instance, you might attempt to send out a specific number of resumes each week. The Awful Secret of Nurse Resume Template Uploading to our resume database requires you to make an account. Just insert the info you require, and thats it. You have to offer relevant, concise info. Important information is called out and simple to find. If youre not familiar with the usefulness of online templates, the gist is that the design (such as graphics, style, and layout) is already done for you so that all you need to do is insert the correct info and tweak fonts, colours, and such to customize the template till you have it exactly the way that you would like it to look. A layout which allows you to use subheadings and white spaces will aid a lot to earn everything simple to read. These template s may be used for your own private use i.e. applying for jobs. Locate a resume template which suits your taste.

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2015 SIA Executive Forum Takeaways Powerful Tech for Staffing and Recruiting Firms - Spark Hire

2015 SIA Executive Forum Takeaways Powerful Tech for Staffing and Recruiting Firms - Spark HireDuring this years 2015 SIA Executive Forum in Orlando, we were blown away by the emerging technology coming to the staffing industry this year. So, being the video interviewing types that we are, we decided to storm the halls of the Loews Royal Pacific Resort to conduct our own interviews with some of our fellow exhibitors. Here are 5 companies we met with that will seriously change the way you work.1. InsightSquaredFirst, we met the fun crew of InsightSquared. All the way from Cambridge, MA, InsightSquared is an analytics product for staffing and recruiting firms.Hundreds of firms and thousands of users around the world use InsightSquareds award-winning analytics to maximize sales performance, increase team productivity, and close more business.To learn more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn2. LeoforceLeoforce Recruiting Robotics software is designed for recruiters who want m ore time to engage. Leoforce automates finding and qualifying talent, learns from your best recruiters, and remembers and repeats success. LeoForce enables recruiters to focus more on relationships and revenue and less on sourcing the wrong candidates.To learn more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn3. RecruiticsRecruitics is a software that helps recruiters optimize their ansprechbar recruitment marketing strategy. Drive more applicants and meet your recruiting goals with their easy-to-understand technology. Recruitics empowers you to eliminate wasted spend fromyour online campaigns.To learn more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn4. DaXtraFind the best candidates for job orders with DaXtra. Multilingual resume parsing, resume search, job matching software, and staffing process software are all things that Daxtra specializes in. Daxtra loads your candidates data, finds the best matches, and assembles a shortlist for you, which saves recruiters both time and money on sourcing efforts.To learn more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn5. AkkenCloudAnd finally, we met with one of our partners, AkkenCloud. They are a cloud-based platform that has helped hundredsof staffing and recruiting firms streamline their efforts with front office, back office, and intra office solutions. Recruiting requires a lot of data, and with AkkenCloud, it is securely saved to one place.To learn more, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedInEven though we just got back to Chicago, we are already looking forward to next years Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum We enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by booth 34 and look forward to some newly established relationships.For more information on technology trends in the staffing and recruiting industry, check out our newest whitepaper, The 2015 Staffing Industry Trend Report.Josh and Matt at the 2015 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum

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Parents would like kids to start considering their careers by age 5

Parents would like kids to start considering their careers by age 5Parents would like kids to start considering their careers by age 5If parents had it their way, young Sarah or Johnny would be thinking hard at what they wanted to be when they grew up by age 5 1/2, according to a new survey, as reported by Studyfinds.Commissioned by the Toy Association and carried out by OnePoll, the survey of 2,000 parents revealed that more than half (56%) of parents already had their own notions about what career paths their children would take. Desirable occupations included engineer, doctor, and web developer/programmer.More broadly, survey data showed that 75% of parents wanted their child to go into the STEM/STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics).The skills they thought most important for their children to succeed in the future were oral and written communication (60%), tech/computer literacy (58%), and math (57%).Parents were still happy to let kids be kids, and all ow learning to develop through play (85%). About 42% of a childs playtime should be learning-focused, parents said.Parents wanted their children to develop through playing with toys (67%), at-home experiments (57%), and educational apps (54%). However, they felt stymied by screens. The average kid gets about 3.5 hours of screen time daily. A vast majority, 72%, of parents said that their children were so much better at tech than they were that it was difficult to help them learn via digital means.Still, 85% of parents want their children to learn how to code someday someday meaning around age 7.So get thinking, kids, and get ready for coding boot camp.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally stro ng people

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The Differences Between Underemployment and Unemployment

The Differences Between Underemployment and UnemploymentThe Differences Between Underemployment and UnemploymentWhat does it mean to be underemployed? Underemployment refers to people who are working in a lower capacity than they are qualified for, including in a lower-paid job or for fewer hours than they would like to work. Its different from unemployment in that the person is in fact, working, just not as much as theyd like or to the full extent of their abilities, skills, or education. The term is also a measure of labor utilization when underemployment is high, the workforce isnt being utilized to its full potential. High underemployment can affect the economy similarly to high unemployment, raising poverty levels and depressing spending. As a worker, underemployment can affect you even if youre not currently working less than youd like. When you try to change jobs, you might find yourself competing with underemployed (as well as unemployed) individuals for the same opportunitie s. That also means that you have less bargaining power when it comes time to negotiate salary. Underemployment Definition A worker may be considered underemployed if they hold a part-time job instead of a full-time one, or if they are overqualified and have education, experience, and skills that exceed the requirements of the job. Unemployment vs. Underemployment Unlike unemployment, where a person is actively seeking a job and cannot find work, underemployment describes a situation where a person is working, regardless of the number of hours or the skill level. However, unemployment and underemployment are closing related, as the latter often occurs on account of the former. Mounting bills, expenses, and responsibilities require people to take any job they can get, even if it is not in line with their respective skill set or career interest. The Bureau of Labor Statistics considers these folks involuntary part-time workers because they would like to work a full-time, salari ed position but can only find temporary or part-time work. A person is considered underemployed when they are working at a job for which they are over-qualified, working part-time when they would prefer full-time work, or working at a low-wage job when they could, if jobs were available, be working mora hours. Reasons for Being Underemployed Lack of SkillsUnderemployment often illustrates the employment of workers with skilled backgrounds in low-wage or hourly jobs that do not require such prerequisites. Recent graduates or workers who have immigrated and are reestablishing their careers in a new country might suffer from this under-utilization of skills, but underemployment can happen to anyone seeking work. Lack of ExperienceRecent graduates may find themselves underemployed while looking for their first job after college. Even entry-level jobs sometimes require more experience than students may have to offer right after graduation. Job seekers who find themselves in this posi tion might have to take part-time work while doing additional internships, taking classes, or networking their way to a new position. Credentials Arent Acceptable In many cases, highly skilled individuals come to work in a new country, but face underemployment because their foreign credentials are not be accepted nor considered to be an equivalent fit for the position in question. Few employers are willing to send foreign documents for evaluation by a third party, so many professional individuals such as doctors, lawyers, or engineers take necessary jobs that would otherwise be seen as inferior positions. Discrimination IssuesIn addition to students, foreign nationals, and trade workers, those with disabilities, mental illnesses, or former inmates are often discriminated against and are forced to take the first job made available to them for fear of not finding another. Low DemandSome individuals with acceptable experience and skills are underemployed because of low demand in their local job market. For example, an Oceanographer who is living in Wisconsin might have to take a part-time job until they are able to move to a drehort that can better accommodate their skill set. Poor EconomyIn addition, anyone can find themselves underemployed if the economy takes a turn for the worse. During a recession, many skilled workers who would ordinarily have little trouble landing a good job in their field may wind up underemployed. Market ChangesUnderemployment can also be caused by larger market changes. For example, automation has affected workers in industries ranging from retail to manufacturing to transportation and warehousing. While we tend to talk about these changes in the context of increased unemployment, underemployment is also a problem, as employers cut hours and workers lose bargaining power in the market.

How Knowing Your Aptitude Can Help You Choose a Career

How Knowing Your Aptitude Can Help You Choose a Career How Knowing Your Aptitude Can Help You Choose a Career When you are researching occupations, you will often see something about aptitude listed among the requirements. For example, you may read that in order to work in a particular field you need to have an aptitude for science. Other occupations require having an aptitude for math, visual arts, or performing arts; verbal or spatial abilities; or manual dexterity or motor coordination. But what exactly is an aptitude? When a career description lists an aptitude among the qualifications one needs in order to work in an occupation, it is referring to a natural talent or an ability an individual has acquired through life experience, study, or training. The word may also pertain to ones capacity to acquire a skill. Assessing Aptitude Assessing aptitude can help with career guidance. A career development professional who is helping a client choose a career may administer a multi of multi-aptitude tests career development professionals use with their clients are the DAT (Differential Aptitude Test) and the GATB (General Aptitude Test Battery). Another is the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), which the United States Military administers to students who are enlisting. They use the results to classify enlistees for training opportunities. Aptitude tests may also look for the presence of abilities that are specific to a particular occupation or area of study. Some college programs use these instruments to assess applicants to certain academic programs, and employers use them to evaluate job candidates. For example, many pharmacy schools use the PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) to look for abilities, aptitudes, and skills that pharmacy schools have deemed essential for success in basic pharmacy curricula (Mental Measurements Yearbook With Tests in Print). The Electrical Aptitude Test is another test that looks for a specific aptitude. It is administered to applicants for jobs that require the ability to learn electrical skills (Mental Measurements Yearbook With Tests in Print). Some Important Things to Know It is worth repeating that you should not use aptitude alone as the criteria for choosing a career. You should also learn about your interests, personality type, and work-related values by doing a thorough self-assessment, and consider that information along with aptitude when choosing a career. Here are a few other things of which you should be aware: While having a particular aptitude may indicate you might succeed in an occupation, it doesnt mean you will do well in every job within it. Required abilities may vary from one job to another, even in the same occupation.A number of occupations may require the same aptitude, so you shouldnt feel like you are only qualified to do one thing. In reality, there may be several suitable occupations for you.Just because you are good at something, it doesnt mean you will like doing it. For example, having an aptitude for math doesnt necessarily mean a career using your mathematical ability should be in your future. Do what youre good at, but only if you like it. Sources:Zunker, Vernon G. and Norris, Debra S. Using Assessment Results for Career Development. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company. 1997.Mental Measurements Yearbook With Tests in Print.

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Self-Improvement Tips to Avoid an Impending Career Derailment

Self-Improvement Tips to Avoid an Impending Career Derailment Self-Improvement Tips to Avoid an Impending Career Derailment One of the most important means of attaining immediate performance improvement is to seek instant feedback. Receiving constructive criticism is more than about simply accepting your faults but about taking incremental steps over the long-term to identify problem areas and consciously work to improve your performance. But useful feedback doesn’t always come from outside observers. Becoming an internal observer of your own behavior can help you take stock of your reactions to your work and understand what matters most to you. The higher your level of self-awareness, the more you know about yourself and what you can offer your company at a given juncture. To stay relevant to your company, you have to remain aligned with it as its culture changes over time. To that end, you must first understand the organizational culture by analyzing the decision-making processes and axioms on which the organization relies when addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities. To do this you must learn to be an active listener, meaning always asking questions to make sure you understand what is happening around you and concentrating on single conversations and moments so that you can remember the key information being shared. Part of being a vital component of your organization is participating in the regular goings-on of the workplace. That means you can’t allow yourself to become too much of a loner and need to remain open with your thoughts and contributions to the decision-making process. The more influential and effective you become, the more facts and feelings you regularly share, the more vital you become to maintaining a successful status quo. Keeping an eye on your organizations future needs and working to align your own development to meet those needs is great, but you can’t sacrifice your current work for what may be expected of you in the future. Employees are valued for the work they get done now, so stay focused on what needs to get done each day and close out tasks as they arise. Having a main job that is always current lets you better assess the shape of things to come. Finally, stay out of a mental rut by learning from your mistakes and refusing to dwell on the past. If the environment has changed, it needs to be addressed on a new footing and with new ideas and solutions, provide them. Expose yourself to new routines so that you become more adaptable to a changing environment. Not only will you create opportunities to develop new relationships, your flexibility and adaptability will be appreciated by your co-workers and, in turn, create a more effective team.